Colorado Fatherhood Council

The Colorado Fatherhood Council is currently in the process of seeking to align itself with a Colorado-based 501c3 and evolve into a practitioner’s network for Colorado fathers and families. These are exciting times for the council and we have great dreams for the coming year.

One of the first steps in this evolution is to revisit our current membership. Historically this has taken place in October and November and has coincided with the election of the council’s leadership team. Because of the transition we are deferring elections until after the first of the year but we do want to have an accurate accounting of those who are interested in participating in the network. 

Please follow this link  to fill out a membership form by Friday October 25. It should take less than 3 minutes! 

Feel free to forward this post and link to others you believe would have an interest in the council. More than ever working to help dads be there for their kids!


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